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Frozen Shoulder Cause and Symptoms - Dr Nithin Kumar

Frozen Shoulder Cause and Symptoms-Dr Nithin Kumar



Frozen shoulder is the increasingly common problem in Indian population.  It Generally happens in the middle-age mostly between 40-60 years of age.  Frozen shoulder is Classically presented with severe pain with also reduced range of moments in the shoulder.


Treatment of frozen shoulder depends on stage where it was detected. In the early stages of detection, it can be treated with the adequate physiotherapy and maintaining  the good range of moments of the shoulder. As this stage advances, physiotherapy may not be sufficient on its own there are various other modalities which can be used to help in the treatment of frozen shoulder.


For example, we do have various injections given into the joint like hydrodilatation injection and this injection helps to increase the joints space and stretches the joint space.


After hydrodilatation, adequate physiotherapy is required to help the moments to get back to normal.Sometimes in spite of physiotherapy and hydrodilatation especially in the late stages of frozen shoulder, the effect may not be much, in which case arthroscopic release of the shoulder is the very useful procedure to get rid of pain and regain full range of moments.


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