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Dr.Nithin Tips Keep Your Bones and Joints Healthy

Dr.Nithin Tips Keep Your Bones and Joints Healthy



The most common reason you develop neck pain or back pain is actually due to the wrong posture that you sit in at work. Postures that people sit in while working on the computer for long hours may cause this. This can easily be avoided by making sure that you maintain a good posture of your neck and spine.


  • Sitting straight in your chair is the first step that every software engineer or any desk job worker should be doing. This should be done while also making sure that your workstation, for example, your laptop or computer should be at the level of your eye rather than looking down for long hours. This practice of looking involves your neck bend and that can create a lot of posture related problems in the future like neck pain.
  • After making sure that laptop is horizontal and you are looking straight, the next step, as I mentioned earlier, is making sure you sit with your spine straight. You should also develop some exercises for your neck, for your spine and for your shoulders which must be done at least 5-10 times every day to avoid long time poster related problems. This practice of doing exercises is very good for people who are sitting on the desk for in the longer without many physical exercises.


One of the most common reason that people develop sports-related injuries is due to the lack of adequate warm-up before the sport. A lot of the professional sports persons follow the routine of warm-up and stretches. There is a time when in spite of the exercises that they do, they are prone to develop injuries. We have recently noticed a lot of sports-related injuries even in the middle-aged population that does not play professional sports. The weekend warriors – the middle-aged, people who occasionally play sports for recreational purposes are more prone to developing sports-related injuries if they do not do adequate warm up. It is a pressing matter and is extremely important especially while playing occasional sports as a recreational sport, to go for a 5 min jog before starting any sport let it be badminton or tennis or volleyball. Any sport that you plan to play as a recreational sport must be done only after doing a warm –up. A 5 min jog followed by minimal stretching exercises goes a long way in avoiding a lot of these injuries.


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