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Multi Ligament Reconstruction

About Multi Ligament Reconstruction

Multiple ligaments of the knee are damaged in cases of knee dislocation. The ACL, PCL, MCL, and PLC are the four main ligamentous structures which form a framework to stabilize the knee. Of these, three or even all four structures can be damaged during a knee dislocation, apart from possible damage to blood vessels and nerves. Such injuries present unique challenges for ligament reconstruction, since it may not be possible to harvest the sufficient number of autografts to reconstruct all ligaments. This problem can be solved using cadaveric donor allografts if available. Also, multiple ligament surgery can be very long and extensive, which increases the risk of post-operative stiffness. To reduce this risk, we often do it in two stages. The repair/reconstruction of the peripheral ligaments (MCL, PLC) is done first by open surgery, and when the knee regains good range of motion after a few weeks of the first surgery, the central ligaments (ACL, PCL) are reconstructed by arthroscopic technique

(Xray after multiligament surgery – ACL + MCL)
(Back to pace bowling after multiligament surgery on left knee)

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