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Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow?



Tennis elbow which is also called as laterally epicondylitis , is a painful condition of the elbow. Tennis elbow is a swelling of the tendons that join the fora muscles to the outside of the elbow. There is an occurrence of microfractures or small tears in tendons due to repetitive and over usage, which causes internal swelling and pain of tendons.


Where Tennis Elbow can be Seen ?

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The impact of tennis elbow is usually observed in the age group of 30-50 years. Along with the athletes and people who play tennis, this effect is seen in common people including housewives.  People who are into the occupations which involve repetitive wrist motions may also suffer from Tennis elbow.



Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

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Pain or burning on the outer part of the elbow and weak grip strength are the most common symptoms of tennis elbow. Few patients may also suffer from the pain irritating their forearm.



Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow


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The Examination of the elbow is conducted by the doctors and diagnosis is made on the clinical examination solely, the requirement of other tests takes place in very rare situations. X-rays of the elbow joint, MRI scan of the elbow joint or electromyography are the common tests advised by the doctors. But most of these tests are done to exclude any other causes of elbow pain.


Treatment for Tennis Elbow


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The regular treatment of tennis elbow is non-surgical as 80-90 % of patients will settle individually. Tennis elbow is a self-limiting disease. The common modalities used are rest, painkillers, physiotherapy, brace etc


In the event that these things don’t work then physiotherapy will help as far as particular activities done to fortify the muscles of the forearm. Additional corporeal shock therapies may also work out for few patients.


Steroid injection or PRP injection into the painful part turns out to be the added advantage to those patients who do not get benefited from conservative management. Dry Needling will be helpful to few patients. Rarely couple of patients who don’t enhance after injections, get benefited from surgical treatments of the tennis elbow.


Overall, tennis elbow is a self-limiting painful state of the tennis of the elbow which regularly impacts housewives in India in age gathering of 30-50 years.